Monday, 2 September 2013

Pam Sinclair

My good instructor, the one who helped me pass my test, was organised, focused and helpful was Pam Sinclair. She is a Colchester independent who has been an instructor since 1993.

I thoroughly recommend her, she is meticulous, pupil focused and incredibly kind and patient.

I came across her by chance on one of the driving instructor websites, but she packed more into the fifteen hours that I had with her than Steve did in 56 hours. She listened, she asked me what I wanted to focus on each lesson and she explained exactly why we do what we do when driving, what is safe and what isn't. She never made me feel silly or guilty and whilst she talked a lot, she didnt expect constant conversation and chit chat.

Every lesson she turned up with a notepad to make notes on what I wanted to do and we discussed what we had done in the past. She had a big book of resources and laminated roundabouts to explain things. We bay parked and parallel parked until I cracked it and then did it again and again so I could gain confidence. When I did something wrong she didnt shout or moan, she gently explained why it wasnt a good idea and helped me avoid doing it again in the future.

Needless to say, she was the complete opposite of Steve.

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