Friday, 20 September 2013

DSA complaint response

No response from the letter to Nippers, unsurprisingly I suppose. Why would they care about customer service or the well being of customers, they employ Steve after all.

I usually try to be balanced and open minded when thinking about this whole business as I am dealing with people who don't think like normal, well balanced individuals and getting mad does nothing but raise the blood pressure.

But now I am mad, really really cross.
I got a response to my DSA email, well over four weeks since I last heard from them.

Now the normal, well balanced part of me is thinking, well, what did you expect, they don't want to admit to administering a check test to a dangerously lazy incompetent that was so easy that it didn't pick up on any of his lack of skills, common sense and decency. The customer is always wrong in their case.

Also I didn't expect really that Steve would tell the truth, its his job and his licence on the line, so he wasn't going to say 'yes, I am a shit driving instructor, please take my license away', but I am still shocked that he could lie so much ( and I am trying not to think about what he might have said about me, but as I am not allowed to know, I will just have to leave it to my imagination).

So, people of Essex, beware of any car with the Nippers logo, it could carry a fat, bald, short man who is completely unable to teach the basics and is a wanker to boot.

Anyway, here is the reply from the DSA:

Driving Standards Agency
T    0300 200 1122
F    0300 200 1155
(Sarah Drew)
by email: {redacted}

20 September 2013

our ref: 1309/00373

Dear (Mrs Drew)

Further to our email of 12 August we have now received comments from Steve Eggleton in response to your complaint. 

It is difficult to reconcile such differing viewpoints and I am afraid that under the circumstances we cannot take your complaint further.

As mentioned previously in our email of 12 August, in line with our standard practice we will keep all correspondence relating to your complaint on file for two years and add a record of this complaint against Mr Eggleton on the Register.

Yours sincerely

Katie Mountain
Corporate Correspondence

Customer Operations
For information about our complaints procedure, please click here

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