Friday, 6 September 2013

Found another disgruntled ex pupil

Not of Steve's but of Nippers.

Someone on one of the Facebook groups I visit asked for recommendations for colchester driving instructors. The second or third answer was 'not Nippers'. I contacted the lady and she had a dreadful experience with them three years ago with another instructor. She had a years worth of lessons and had to start again from scratch with another company. No apology from Nippers of course. And refund? No chance, not their problem. I gave her the Watchdog email address.

That was two days ago and as its a fast moving board the conversation sank down. To my surprise someone this morning posted 'NIPPERS OF CLACTON HELPED ME GREATLY ASK FOR STEVE HE WAS FANTASTIC'.


To be fair Clacton has its own test centre so perhaps Steve is better on his own ground (he lives there) but it just amused me.

Just in case it was Nippers and they find me here too - I'd like a refund please.

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