Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A little extra bad advice

Driving around today I remembered another thing I was told to do by Steve.

To drive as close to the central line of the road as I could.

My second instructor spent a lot of each lesson telling me to move close to the pavement  as I had more than a metre of space between me and the side of the road. Fair enough on country roads with overgrown bushes or with cyclists but anywhere else it puts you at a much higher risk of a head on collision with oncoming traffic.

And with cyclists I had to go right onto the other side of the road with Steve -  not just straddle the central line but right over the opposite side of the road, which obviously is terrifying for a learner and everyone else on the road.

I had forgotten to mention that he tapped my wrist a few times when  I did something wrong.

All things that I wish I had mentioned in the complaint and to the DSA.

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