Thursday, 15 August 2013

Similar complaints from ReviewCentre

"I spent several months learning with nippers on an automatic. Every lesson, I was simply, told to drive to the test area and back again. Maybe if I was lucky I would do a few manoeuvres. The instructor NEVER went into detail about mirrors, signalling at an appropriate time, reference points or anything I actually needed to know on test. It was VERY clear he was taking advantage of my money. When I booked my test he was EXTREMELY rude about the date I booked however, he must of had a panic because the last few lessons before my test he actually bucked up his teaching technique a little bit.After failing my test, I decided to join another driving school and they were 100% better than the joke in which nippers were.

Please do not go to Nippers, they are completely unprofessional. I wish I never encountered them."


"I had wanted to complete my driving within a year. I had joined Nippers, as I heard they were a good driving school. I had 20 hours. Each week I would have double hour lessons. Every lesson would just be driving everywhere, and not the test area. Over the next few weeks I had got to about my 12th driving lesson and my tutor would say to me, you need to remind me to do manouvres, I reminded them. But my next lesson came I reminded them, but we hadnt done any monouvres or anything, we just drove around. so after spending lots of money and my instructor not being very honest with me, about how many hours i needed before my practical, I chose to go elsewhere and learn from scratch.

That was just me, could be different for someone else. The only good outcome was that I got a feel of diving the car. I just needed my instructor to teach me the basic manouvers early, and been honest with me, and tell me exactly what I am doing wrong"


<Disclaimer: Steve is not explicitly named but the complaints are the same and it boggles my mind that Nippers might have 'franchised' two such individuals. I was also told by him that nippers only had one automatic car which also suggests that these review are about him.> 

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