Thursday, 15 August 2013

My Response to the DSA


Is email sufficient written permission or do I need to send a letter?

If email is sufficient then yes you have my permission. 

I am in the first stages of proceedings against this man as advised by the CItizens Advice Bureau, who have also logged my concerns and provided me with advice. I have also logged a complaint with Nippers. 

I am also aware that others have had similar experiences through an online review site (reviewcentre), and am attempting to track these members down to encourage them to complain also. I have also documented my experiences on there as 'unhappylearner'.

Steve told me himself that he makes 'sure no one complains'.

I do think that is a shame that the 'check test' can be so easily manipulated to cover up instructoral failings and poor quality teaching, he successfully passed a check test recently by carefully selecting the pupil and lesson and as he put it 'pulling out all the stops'.

In the meantime I am starting from scratch with a new instructor who is helping me fill in the gaping holes in my knowledge.

Yours Sincerely,

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