Monday, 12 August 2013

Part 2

After day three I was very uneasy about my tuition, I felt there was lots I was wasn't being explained, Steve just wanted to chat all of the time and I didn't feel like I was actually learning.

Steve kept telling me how brilliant I was, what a fantastic driver I was and how he was confident that I would pass my test easily. At the end of day three he suggested a drive to London to 'use up some of your hours' as he thought I was test ready after twenty hours. I was confused between what I thought was my skill level and what he was telling me, but he was the instructor so I went with it. He said I was the first pupil good enough to take to London in 6 years, it would be good practice etc.

So on Saturday 1st June we went. Now I look back in horror as there was no way I was ready for this, my mirrors were STILL set incorrectly, the left one was even pointing towards the car rather than the road behind but I had no idea at the time whether it was right or not, after all Steve had driven to my house with the mirrors set like that, it must be ok, right? I was so stressed by the whole process, was confused and more than a bit scared of Steve, he had an aggressive streak and had shouted and gesticulated at other motorists on several occasions.

Anyway we set off on the A12, around Romford and East London, round by the Isle of Dogs, some really tricky driving. After two or three hours I mentioned the pain in my leg to Steve. 'ok, when I see somewhere to stop I will get you to pull in'. An hour of terrifying driving later I mentioned lunch as he hadn't told me to bring any, I had assumed we would be buying some 'yes yes, in a minute, you are doing so well, such a brilliant driver, just lets do this next bit whilst you are on a roll'. Steve had a toilet stop 60 minutes in but told me to stay with the car, other wise we would be wasting too much time.

I asked twice more about a stop, my leg was agony and my knee was cramping up. Twice more I was told later later. To my horror after five hours of driving around London, we got back onto the A12. I was shattered, in pain, visibly pale, starving and thirsty. Steve had also not eaten anything the whole time.

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