Saturday, 24 August 2013

Post test behaviour

Steve- 'oh you really must have thought that you were going to pass that time', 'did you think that you were close to passing.'

He insisted that he should drive home.  On the drive he 'joked' e.g when I looked at the back of the test form to see what it said he laughed and said 'planning on appealing were you? Not much chance of success I think'. He did his best to get me angry with the examiners and made me feel like the whole thing was completely unfair. Then I had to organise my next test and lessons ever so quickly.

Pam- 'well one of those faults was disputable but the examiners are only human. The other fault was a definite mistake.' Then I got to drive home myself. Half way home she said ' are you in a rush, we could redo the route if you like', so we did. I got to see immediately where I had made my mistakes with her giving kind but constructive feedback all the way. She never made me feel bad or like I had let her down (unlike Steve), and she gave me a hug and told me I was a good driver when we got back.

I really wish I had met her first.

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