Friday, 10 April 2015

Still driving, still no points, tickets or damage.

Driving has been brilliant, I was able to share the driving on a number of long trips with my husband, which left us both happier. Day to day living has been easier too, kids can go to every party they are invited to, shopping isn't a massive faff and it has freed up a lot more time for my studies.

I am a lot more confident driving than I was a year ago. Not crazy confident, but it takes a lot more to phase me than I did last year. My husband mentioned last week that I was not driving like a new driver anymore, which I guess sums it up.

I didn't hear back from Nippers School of Motoring in Clacton or the DSA. I did consider taking it further, and I did find four or five more pupils who were unhappy. I encouraged them to complain to the DSA, but whether anything happened as a result I don't know. I still make sure whenever I see someone asking for a recommended driving instructor on my local FB groups, to recommend Pam and make a brief mention of my Nippers nightmare. Even if Steve doesn't work there anymore their customer service is appalling, as is the advice and guidance given to new learners.

If you are thinking about doing an intensive driving course, make sure you have a trial lesson with a potential instructor, because once you have handed over the £££££, it is virtually impossible to get it back if you ended up with a dud (or useless twat). Reputable schools of motoring should offer this.

In my experience a good instructor should be:

-patient and encouraging
-willing to explain and practice anything until you feel confident doing it
-well organised, with a paperwork trail
-have some way to track your progress, even if is just a note about what has been achieved.
-clean, with a clean, well presented and maintained car
-I shouldn't have to say this but not racist or homophobic or sexist.
-shouldn't encourage you to take your test when you are not able to do all of the required tasks.
-should familiarise you with lots of different types of roads and situations

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