Saturday, 8 March 2014

Six month wobble

Well I've been driving solo for six months or so and the wobbles have kicked in. Some of the excitement has gone and the nerves are back. No one thing has caused it, I wonder how common it is amongst new drivers?

Part of it must be down to the fact that I live on quite a dangerous roundabout. The police have been out clearing crashed cars four times this year and there is a near miss at least once a day. I study on my bed overlooking the roundabout so I am acutely aware of it.

Some of it is also down to the terrible driving of others. The other day I was driving back from the station, taking the quieter scenic route. This is nominally a 60 but is a very narrow, incredibly potholed, tight cornered, surface water etc and only a mile or so inbetween 30mph villages. No one I know takes it faster than forty in good weather, some of the corners have no visibility at all and the potholes are obscene and often  obscured. I get a knob sitting behind me, practically sitting in my passenger seat. Flashing lights, gesticulating, beeping, sliding from side to side looking for a chance to overtake (no where at all on this road).

I did laugh a bit when he hit a pothole I had avoided but he hit, but it left me really shaken. There is no way that road is safe to take faster and I am not just talking as a new driver, I drive that road regularly and I have never seen anyone take it faster.

Lots of practice and gentle drives is helping the nerves and its passing thank goodness.

And for Steve 'the shit'Eggleton

Number of crashes:0
Damage to the car: 0
Driving offenses :0

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  1. Any update on how you are doing now? Can I hope for a supremely all-rounded amazingly confident driver?!