Friday, 20 December 2013

I'm still here

Apologies for the big gap in posts, Christmas prep sucks up a lot of time especially with two children who are still in the believing stage. Plus nativity plays etc.

I had to break out the sunglasses this week for the low winter sun which has been so dazzling. I keep a pair in the car and am not too bothered that I look like a fool, much better than having a crash.

It's also worth remembering at this time of year that you are supposed to have some form of lights on the car if the day is grey or overcast (it's in the Highway Code I believe). If you aren't sure then look at the cars around you. If I count four or five cars with their lights on I pop mine on. It makes it so much easier to be spotted on the roads especially if you have a grey or darker coloured car.

Also indicators, I drive myself crazy ranting about people who don't use indicators. Seriously, they are not much effort and a very good idea. Even if you can't see another car on the road it doesn't mean there isn't one just about to come into view and they are also hugely useful to keep pedestrians safe as well. If a pedestrian is waiting to cross the road they need to know which way you are going so they know when it is safe to cross, especially if it is a side road. Roundabouts are much safer if you know where the people are going to come off!

Lots of driving over the next week including the M25. I don't understand why people are so scared of motorways, as long as you are alert and aware then you are fine. Just for the love of god DON'T GO AT LESS THAN 60. I had to sit behind a twit going at 40 for ten minutes the other day before I could escape because everyone was changing lanes behind me and I had been caught behind him joining the motorway from the slip road. And if you are going that slowly in the middle or right hand lane then there are no words for how twattish you are. Look in your window sir, that four mile tailback behind you is your work.

Ah, listen to me, I am beginning to sound like a driver!

Anyway Nippers School of Motoring in Clacton and Steve Eggleton ripped me off and failed to teach me anythingn useful about driving, except for how to spot a crap driving instructor which came a bit late.

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