Friday, 4 October 2013

Four hundred visits

Four hundred visits to the blog, hello to you all!

I've also had a response from my Dooyoo review (written in August) from someone who had searched the site for a review on Nippers.  I got a message through the site system asking me for recommendations    ( I offered this at the end of the review) and sent her to the two driving instructors in Colchester that I know are good- Pam Sinclair and Ellis ABC. So that's another person discouraged from Nippers.

Plus one of my Facebook friends in Colchester just had her daughter pass her driving theory test. I sent her a public message just reminding her of the nightmare I had with Nippers. Turns out she has been passing the word around too for me and with three teenage and young adult children she is probably having more of an effect that I am.

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